What services does my policy includes?
Basic medical care services due to accident or illness that are cared for and resolved within the General Doctor´s office and all his requests, like x-rays, laboratory tests or a Specialists check-up. Everything must be canalized through the General Doctor.
What does my policy not includes?
Hospitalization, surgeries, routine tests, cosmetic interventions, medications outside the office.
In which hospitals can I attend?
In each of the 5 main cities of the state of Quintana Roo we have a private clinic or hospital at your service.
Where can I check my policy?
After processing your payment, you will receive a copy of your policy by email.
Are there hospitals in other states of the Mexican Republic?
No, our hospitals are only within the state of Quintana Roo and are listed in the Hospitals section. link
What if I have to go to the hospital?
In the event that the General Doctor or specialist determines that a major intervention, operation or stay in the hospital is required, the patient will be informed that those services are not included in this policy. It is the clientés decision to stay, either by paying for these services, covering them through a major medical expense policy, or attending later in another hospital. Only the check-ups and care that are carried out within the office of the General Doctor or specialist are included.
Can I have several inquiries during my trip?
Yes, while the policy is active, all the required check-ups and requested by the doctor can by made, as well as the laboratory analysis and X-rays that are required during the term of the policy.
Can I extend the term of my policy?
No, but you can buy another for as long as necessary.
Do I need to bring something to my consultation?
Only an Official Identification such as the Passport is required, to speed up access it is recommended to have a screenshot of your policy at hand.
Does my nationality or my age matter?
No, any duly identified person will be treated within the clinics and hospitals in our network.
Is there any coverage against COVID-19?
If you have a fever and other know symptoms, you may go to the PlayaMed clinics located in Cancun and Playa del Carmen to see the General Doctor who will determine if it is necessary to take the COVID-19 test or some other laboratory test. Just the test is included.
If i have no symptoms could i have a Covid-19 test just to discard the desease?
No, the only way to include the Covid-19 test in your policy is through the General Doctor check-up. He will attend you only presenting fever and other known symptoms.